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2018-2019 Officers

Election of officers for the fiscal year 2018-2019 were held on Monday, May 7th, 2018.  The results of the election are below.  

Officers will be installed at Post 273 on Monday, July 9th @ 6:00pm.


Katherine L Gabehart President Constitution & Bylaws Chairman
Janice B Hill Past President Parlay Girls State Chairman
Cheryl Savaria 1st Vice President  
Linda Newkirk 2nd Vice President  
Karen A Braughton Secretary   
Jan Hendrick Chaplain  
Cheryl Yoder Treasurer  
Zoe Roseman  Historian Calvalcade of Memories Chairman
Denise Dodson  Sgt-At-Arms   
Sharon Abbotts Asst Sgt-At-Arms    
Open 1yr Member-At-Large  
Carol Dayton 2yr Member-At-Large   
Marilyn Blouin 3yr Member-At-Large    


2017-2018 Officers

Janice B Hill President Girls State Chairman 
Charlotte Mahoney Past President Parlay  
Sharon Abbotts 1st Vice President  
Mary Lou Kohler 2nd Vice President   
Carol Williams Secretary  
Katherine L Gabehart Treasurer Membership Chairman 
Jan Hendrick Chaplain  
Pat Thoman Historian  Calvalcade of Memories 
Denise Dodson Sgt-At-Arms  
Carol Rael Asst Sgt-At-Arms  
Margaret Burke    1 Year Member At Large  
Catherine Torregrossa 2 Year Member At Large  
Susan Kohler 3 Year Member At Large